Welcome to Sequoia Elementary!

ATTENTION: Sequoia Continuity of Instruction

We hope that you are all faring well as our school closure continues, and that you are all practicing social distancing. Meanwhile, our teachers will continue to support students from home.

Please review the linked Sequoia Continuity of Instruction Launch Page. Once there, click on the teachers’ name to see the plans in place for their class. Also scroll to the bottom of the page to see additional, school wide resources.

Please email the principal, or any staff member, with your questions or concerns.

Take care and be safe. We miss you already!

S.O.S. Support Our Squirrels

Spring Fundraiser: April 15th – May 5th, 2020

  • Sequoia Elementary School

    Sequoia Elementary School
  • Classroom events

    Classroom events
  • Drumming with Mr. Bob

    Drumming with Mr. Bob
  • Happy days at Sequoia

    Friends at Sequoia
  • Learning about nature

    Learning about nature
  • Library Time

    Library Time
  • Sequoia Sings!

    Sequoia Sings!
  • Walking school bus

    Walking school bus
  • Building great memories

    Building great memories
  • Awesome field trips

    Awesome field trips
  • Gardening

    Sequoia garden
  • Strengthening community

    Strengthening community
  • Mosaic wall: a gift to our community

    Mosaic wall: a gift to our community


Sequoia Elementary School sits in the heart of Oakland’s foothills. A fine model of an urban learning community, Sequoia reflects a richly diverse community in all ways: cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic. This is our strength and our joy.

It is the mission of Sequoia Elementary School to provide a powerful education to all students, enabling them to become effective, contributing citizens in our democratic society. Our vision is to ensure that all students have access to our core program within the context of a heterogeneous classroom. Our students learn vital academic, personal communication and problem-solving skills in a rich, multicultural environment that promotes both academic and social success.

Classes at Sequoia are balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity and academic achievement. We present a curriculum that addresses different levels of linguistic and cultural orientations, complexity, pace, and material to all students, and a variety of enrichment programs. We are committed to fostering a positive school-wide climate to support this vision.

What Makes Sequoia Special

Sequoia Elementary buildingOutstanding Faculty

Sequoia’s outstanding faculty boasts 100% credentialing. Our teachers are acknowledged district-wide as leaders in various disciplines, and offer students the best possible academic and social support with their commitment and expertise. Each year, the faculty chooses an academic focus for all grades together, such as writing, mathematics or literacy. Classroom learning is project-based for the greatest depth of knowledge, and involves the collaboration of parents, student teachers, retired teachers, and community volunteers. Instruction is differentiated for the various abilities of our diverse student body.

Rich Diversity

Sequoia’s rich cultural diversity is celebrated throughout the school year, honoring holidays such as Day of the Dead, Chinese New Year, and Cinco de Mayo. Our full-inclusion program helps all of our students to be understanding of and accepting of human differences.

Strong Community and Parental Involvement

Faculty, staff, parents, caregivers, relatives, friends, and neighbors build a network of support for children, and help them to form friendships, through communication and celebrations. Strong parental involvement greatly benefits student achievement, and much of our school success relies on Sequoia’s volunteers. Our 80-year old Dads’ Club and our parent group, Sequoia Parent Teacher Organization, work together to create fun events for the whole family, raise funds for school improvements and enrichment, and socialize and create a strong community for their children.

Positive School Climate

On a daily basis, students are provided with character education to teach conflict resolution and healthy social skills. Our buddy class program allows students to build friendships between older and younger grades.


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