All Hail the Readathon Winners!

All Hail the Readathon Winners!

All the minutes have been calculated & donations counted, so let’s celebrate these amazing kids!

We are proud to announce…..

Winners and Honorable Mentions for Most Minutes Read:
Ninh-An Kimmons, Sydney Hansen, Dante Santina, Finn Salyk, Myles Ogden, Sammy Beardsley, Walter Rodrigo Alonzo Lopez, Diana Cardenas, Naomi Brack, Cy Palino, Xavier LaRoche, Abby Givler, Eden Kinnon, Kahoa Wilson, Mirabella Bond, Micah Ogden, Jolene Tan, Mizuku Williams, Sophie Lewak, Riley Rau-Berg, Charlie Sellman, Dante Mosier-Tidd, Monrovia Prinz, Coyo Tena, Sekou Kimmons, Yuzuka Williams, Eliza Rhodes King, Jasper Barlow, Kristen Hoang, Ebube Okereke, Mina Benham-Cunningham, Amy Cardenas, Elena Lacey, Ruby Kizer, Sofia Guzman, Mariyah Mustain, Ezra Lacey, Drew Bloch, Sam Kennedy, Justin Green, and Liliana Normon.

Winners for Top Fundraising:
Dante Mosier-Tidd, Ryden Andersen, Ayana Sakamoto, Nathan Ruby, Owen MacDonald, Silas Linstrum, Liliana Norman, Aya Tateishi, Sekou Kimmons, Ninh-An Kimmons, Makoto Wolff, and Norah Goldberg.

All winners are invited to the Readers’ Tea on Friday, March 23rd in the Cafeteria from 8:20am – 10am!

Parents please help out by bringing food for over 50 kids attending the tea:
Don’t forget to label any dishes & serving utensils!

We also are looking for help setting up, managing the party, and a bit of tidying up after. The more the merrier! Come play games, help out with arts & crafts, and clap for these readathon winners during their ceremony!

Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s Readathon!

Email us with any questions:

The Readathon Committee
Brent Cunningham (Mina, 5th)
Kathie Rhodes (Eliza, 5th
Melissa Benham (Mina, 5th)