Big post-strike thanks from all teachers!

Big post-strike thanks from all teachers!

We thank our Sequoia community from the bottoms of our hearts!

Our undying gratitude for their hours and hours of intense organizing work goes out to the strike and solidarity school parent committee: Tracey Kelp, Kyra Lilien, Andrik Cardenas, Jen Bellenger, Lin Chin, Welcome Bisson and Mary Fuller.

We know how much of an inconvenience it was not to be able to send your children to school. Our deep appreciation goes out to all the families who supported us by making sure their own children, and often several other students, did not come to school during the strike by helping at the solidarity school, heading up small cooperatives, keeping your children home, or having your children stay with friends or relatives.

We also give a giant shout out to the many room parents and other classroom leaders who spent many hours making sure that every student in their child’s class had a safe place to be during the strike.

Finally, we send a huge shout out to all the people who joined us on the picket line, brought us food, shared their bathrooms, lent us equipment and helped with setup or cleanup.

Thank you all. We could not have had such a successful strike without help from all of you!