artSPARK: Sequoia’s student art show

artSPARK is an inspiring event that honors our students’ creativity and visual arts abilities while also celebrating Sequoia’s dedicated art program. Students submit themed art projects and transform the Sequoia Auditorium into an amazing art gallery on a Saturday afternoon each December.

2017-2018 Event Information

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017

Time: 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Place: Sequoia Auditorium

Students – Be a part of art at Sequoia! Bust out your ideas, gather materials, and start creating! Let’s hang your art in the auditorium! This year’s theme is: CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE

When you close your eyes and travel with your imagination, where do you go? What does it look like?  How do you get there? What do you see and hear and smell and feel?  Who is with you? What do you explore on your very own adventure?!  Paint it, sculpt it, make a collage, build and create your own adventure for our student art show!

Need supplies?  Check out the art supplies in the donation box in the front lobby of the school.

Start your project at home now and submit your art work to the auditorium on Monday, November 27th (right after Thanksgiving break) with your name and grade labeled on the art.

Invite your family and friends to artSPARK 2017!  

Parents – artSPARK is the sort of kid-centric, community supported event that keeps Sequoia an extraordinary place for our kids! We need you to volunteer! Can you help share posters and postcards with the community? Are you a whiz with labels? Can you harness the stash of art supplies for the kids in the foyer? Will you lend a hand setting up the event? We need your talent for artSPARK. Please reach out and let us know how you might be a part of the show!


Contact: Raylene Samson and Susannah Prinz

Event Photo Gallery