Performer Information

So your student wants to perform in the Variety Show. This page is for you. Contact you have questions, concerns, or special situations to discuss. We want this to be a great experience for all involved.

Act Guidelines

  • Acts must be a maximum of 3 minutes. We will work with performers to reduce the length of acts longer than that. This helps us keep the total running time of the show under 3 hours.
  • Each student can only be in one act. (Exceptions are for very large acts of 8+ performers.)
  • Consider doing a group act. They are fun to be in, the audience loves them, and more kids get to perform. If we have multiple similar solo acts, we may encourage students to combine them into a group act.
  • Variety is king! Singing and dancing are fun. But the audience loves a mix of acts: magic, comedy, martial arts, gymnastics, instruments, hula-hoops, poetry, jokes, juggling, etc. Think creatively! Incorporate a hobby or special talent.
  • The Variety Show is for Sequoia students only. We want to encourage members of the elementary school student body to be part of the show. No alumni may perform. Alumni or non-students may support an act offstage as an accompanist or helper, but may not be part of the main act.
  • Multiple acts can’t use the same song. We encourage you to pre-register in order to reserve your song early. If multiple acts want to use the same song, we will defer to the act that reserved the song first.
  • Songs and acts must be appropriate for elementary school audiences. See Music section below for more information about what’s allowed.
  • We don’t allow lip-syncing. If it’s a singing act, we expect performers to sing.
  • Group acts are discouraged from changing the members in the group. If a group keeps changing members, we may opt to remove that act from the show.

The Commitment We Need

  1. Register your student before tryouts.
  2. Attend tryouts. Acts must be at tryouts to be part of the Variety Show. Unless you’ve made arrangements with the producers ahead of time, we won’t make exceptions to this rule.
  3. Reserve songs early. If singing or playing a song, see the Music section below.
  4. Register your group act if applicable.
  5. Write down and plan to get your student to the mandatory rehearsal, dress rehearsal and Variety Show performance. If you can’t drive your student, please make arrangements.
  6. Practice, practice, practice. The performers get the most out when they put the work in. Support your student in practicing and encourage him or her to keep going!
  7. Invite friends and family to performance night! Your student will love having fans in the audience.


Music files
The sooner we get your music file, the better we can support your performer in reviewing the tryout, coaching in workshops and planning in rehearsal. Please upload your MP3 or audio file before the tryout, or let us know what the song is and we will find a version of the song. If your performer is singing with recorded music as background, please look for the karaoke or instrumental version of the song.

Song length
Many pop songs are longer than the 3-minute limit. We’ll likely look for a place in the song where we can end it early to keep the show running on time. We won’t make exceptions to this. If your song runs long, please discuss it with your performer ahead of time and come to the tryout prepared to suggest where the song can be cut off.

Song appropriateness
This is an elementary school variety show, which means we need to prohibit any songs that contain inappropriate material for children under age 11. This includes any direct or indirect references to sex, drugs or violence, as well as any foul language. Sometimes a radio version or a kids’ version of a song may be available; if the performer is singing the song, she or he may opt to change the lyrics. The Variety Show producers have full discretion to decide whether a song can be used in the show.

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