S.O.S. (Support Our Squirrels)

In an effort to recoup a $52,000 shortfall in projected revenue for the 2020-21 school year, we are launching the S.O.S. online spring fundraiser from April 15th – May 5th, 2020:

With just $125 per student – we can reach our goal!

We know many in the community have been hit hard by layoffs and other challenges from this crisis. If donating is not possible for your family right now, please know we understand. If your family is able to afford it, please consider doubling your per-student gift to $250 as a way of showing support.



Make a donation or purchase items from Sequoia

Nearly all of Sequoia’s beloved enrichment programs, support services and events throughout each year are made possible by fundraising. Families, students, teachers, staff and our community generously donate time and money to helping Sequoia Elementary supplement the public education funding we receive with dollars that go directly into the children’s classrooms.

There are two ways to support Sequoia through funds; make a donation, or buy merchandise, tickets, or items for sale through Sequoia. Donations may be tax-deductible, purchases are not tax-deductible. During checkout, please use the note field to specify the purpose of your donation or purchase.

Make One-time or Recurring Donations: 

Donate Here


Fundraising Campaigns

Our annual Fundraising Campaigns, Support Sequoia and the Neighborhood Appeal, raise critical money for staffing, academic and enrichment programs, and school maintenance. They supplement public funding and directly support our school and students.

Shop for Sequoia

Learn how the regular shopping you do can benefit Sequoia.


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