For New Sequoia Parents

For New Sequoia Parents

Meeting with a Teacher

The beginning of the school year means a new classroom, a new teacher and new classmates. Your child gets a “fresh start.” Give the new teacher and your child time to get to know one another. If the teacher feels that she/he needs to meet with you with an issue concerning your child, the teacher will let you know. Beginning of the year conferences with the teacher about your child should only be scheduled with the teacher if there is a medical issue that requires immediate focus on the part of the teacher.

Student Supplies

Teachers usually send out a student supply list sometime during the first week of school.  This list will let you know what your child needs to bring in as their personal class supplies. Often these lists will include items that will be used communally by the class. It is usually best to wait for this list before buying your child back to school supplies. That way parents won’t waste money on unnecessary items.

Pupil Emergency Cards and Student Earthquake/Disaster Forms

These forms need to be completed and turned in as soon as possible each year your child is at Sequoia, even if the information does not change. If any contact information changes during the school year, it is critical that the new information gets to the school office. We need to able to get ahold of you if there is an emergency!

Get Connected

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Steps for Resolving Concerns

If you have a concern, complaint, comment or praise:

  1. First talk with your child’s teacher. If that doesn’t resolve the issue…
  2. Next, request a meeting with your child’s teacher and the principal.
  3. If you cannot resolve the concern at that level, contact the superintendent responsible for our school, Ms. Sondra Aguilera, at (510) 273-3475 or