Safety & Emergency Procedures

Emergency Cards

The school maintains a file of Emergency Cards with the names and telephone numbers to be used when it is necessary to reach a parent/guardian or other responsible adult during the school day. If the information you have turned in changes, be sure to notify the school so that the information can be updated. The information on these cards is confidential and only accessible to school staff. Please include current cell phone numbers.

Emergency Contact and Release

Parent/guardian information on the Emergency Cards constitute the only adults that the school is allowed to release students. Children will only be released to adults listed on the Emergency Card or Earthquake Disaster forms. These persons must present a valid photo ID to office staff. Please discuss with your child your plans for where and with whom he/she should go in case of an emergency. If you would like for your child to be released to an adult not listed on the Emergency Card, you must call the office and give your permission.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If the parents disagree over who has custody of the child, please speak to the office staff. We cannot deny a parent any rights unless we have a copy of the court paper showing a parent has lost parental rights.

Emergency Closing of Schools

Cancellation of school is extremely rare.  Announcements will be released to local media. If school is cancelled during the school day, a parent/guardian or other authorized people will be notified.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the event of an emergency that renders the school unsafe, such as a major earthquake,  students, led by classroom teachers and staff, will go to Dimond Park on Fruitvale Ave. Teachers will bring class rosters and student emergency forms. Students will be released to a parent/guardian or those listed on their student emergency form, all of whom must show a valid photo ID.

If An Earthquake Occurs

The school district provides special emergency supplies for each classroom.  Additional supplies are stored in various areas of the school. Teachers periodically review the specific safety procedures necessary for students to follow.

Fire, Earthquake and Lockdown Drills

Fire and earthquake drills are conducted each month. Lockdown drills are conducted each quarter.

OUSD Lockdown/Lockout Procedures for Sequoia

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