Anti-Bullying Policy

Parents and students are asked to sign an anti-bullying pledge at the beginning of each school year.

We believe that everyone should enjoy our school equally, and feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of color, race, ethnic identity, nationality, sexual orientation, family structure, gender, gender identity, special needs, popularity, economic status, athletic ability, intelligence and religion.

Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting and spitting, as well as name calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at, making inappropriate gestures towards, and excluding someone.  Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is never justifiable as “kids being kids,” “just teasing” or any other rationalization. The victim is never responsible for bullying.

By signing this pledge, we the parents/guardians of __________________agree to:

  1. Keep my child(ren) and ourselves informed and aware of school bullying policies.
  2. Work in partnership with the school to encourage positive behavior, value differences and promote sensitivity to others.
  3. Discuss this pledge with my child(ren) before the first day of school.
  4. Discuss regularly with my child(ren) his/her feelings about school, friendships and relationships.
  5. Inform Sequoia staff of changes in my child’s behavior or circumstances at home that may change his/her behavior at school.
  6. Alert Sequoia staff if any bullying has occurred.
  7. Participate fully and contribute to helping eliminate bullying at school.

By signing this pledge, I, ________________________, a Sequoia student, agree to:

1.  Actively help eliminate bullying at school.

2.  Participate in lessons and assemblies around eliminating bullying.

3.  Avoid teasing, put downs and inappropriate language.

4.  Use “I Messages” and other problem solving techniques to peacefully resolve conflicts.

5. Treat others as I want to be treated.

6. Tell Sequoia staff if I witness or experience bullying.  This means, if I get bullied or if I see someone else being bullied, I need to be part of the solution!

Download a copy of the Anti Bullying Pledge pdficon_small

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