Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner

I’d like to remind families about the school behavior agreements from the beginning of the school year. All students are expected to comply with these agreements. Please review them with your student(s).

After school, no student should remain on campus without adult supervision.​ Students will have an adult with them on campus after school (rather than being asked to leave after the bell). I need your support with this agreement.

No aggressive behavior, chasing, fighting and/or play fighting. These behaviors are unsafe and will be addressed immediately.
Respect the personal space and belongings of others.​ Aggressive behavior, chasing, fighting and/or play-fighting are unsafe and will be addressed immediately.
Respect the personal beliefs of ALL people. ​Racial and homophobic slurs are not tolerated. Bullying (physical, verbal or cyberspace) is not allowed.

Toys, stuffed animals, trading cards, and electronic devices must be left at home​ (unless prior arrangements have been made with the classroom instructor). This excludes special occasions only, such as D.E.A.R. Day, pajama day or classroom showcase.
No cell phones allowed during school hours.​ If a child needs a cell phone for before- and after-school contact, the phone must be turned off and given to the teacher during school hours. Students may use the office phone at any time during the school day.

Students may bring personal sports equipment (e.g., balls, mitts) from home​ if it is shared with other students in the same grade level and is clearly marked with the student’s name.

Before and after school, there are no wheels permitted in the schoolyard.​ This includes scooters, heelies, blades, skateboards, bike and hoverboards.

Junk food (candy, gum, chips, Taki’s or soda) is not permitted based on OUSD’s Student Healthy Foods Policy.​ Please refrain from placing them in lunches or snacks. Students will not be allowed to eat them.

Students should only bring money to school for lunch, transportation and frozen fruit bars.​ Sequoia is not responsible for lost money.

Students and parents must follow all other rules for the play structures before and after school.

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