Principal’s Corner for Oct 16-20

Principal’s Corner for Oct 16-20

Early Release Days

This week we have early release every day.  On early release days (including our normal Wednesdays), if you are taking your child off school grounds before the bell rings, you MUST come to the office and sign them out. Teachers and cafeteria staff will not allow you to take your child if you do not have an early release slip or the office has not called. Our normal procedure is for the office to call the room and have your child come down with their belongings, or you are sent to the room with an early release slip. I realize we are all busy, and it’s convenient to just grab your child and go on those days. However, it’s an extremely DANGEROUS practice. We need to work together to ensure all students are safe and accounted for before they leave school grounds. Please help us keep Sequoia safe.

Drop-Off or Pick-Up on Lincoln

There is absolutely no drop-off or pick-up on Lincoln. We are having more and more parents engaging in this dangerous practice. Since this is continuing despite our pleas for it to end, I am asking OPD to come out and ticket parents who are engaging in this unsafe behavior. Additionally, we will be sending OPD the license plates and names of known parents that are continuing to endanger themselves and other families with this continued practice. All it takes is one distracted driver and someone not obeying the law for something to happen. I apologize for taking a hard stand, but due to the volume of cars on that street, the city has made it a complete No Drop-Off Zone. If we all work together, we can make sure our children and staff are safe.

With warmest regards,

Donald T. Bertolo, Principal