Principal’s Corner: Safety First

Principal’s Corner: Safety First

There is no parking on Hearst from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There have been some severely angry situations between parents, and dangerous altercations with parent parking and the buses. The only parking allowed there is for the buses and after-school provider vans. I know parking is horrible, but please use alternate areas and give yourself time to park and walk.

Please pick up your kids on time after school. There are children who are unaccompanied and staying in the yard after the bell. This has created some tense interactions and fighting between those children and the Healthy Start children as they are playing games. I understand that students want to hang out with their friends when they see them staying after, but our Healthy Start students are monitored by adults. When the school bell rings, we need all students who are not in an after-school program to safely get home ASAP. Please let your student know that if they are walking home, they need to head right home. If you are running late for pickup, please let the classroom teacher know before the school bell rings, so your child can wait in the office. It’s unsafe for them to wait without adult supervision. Once you are at school you can call the office and we will send them out for pickup.

There is absolutely no drop off or pickup on Lincoln. This is one of the most dangerous places to stop your car. Period. Last week a car that was rear-ended doing just that. We need you to be patient, and model that patience for your child. I realize that we are all in a hurry. However, if you leave a little earlier to get to school and drop off your student at 8 a.m (before the heavy traffic), it might be less problematic.

We need help forming a traffic committee. Who is interested in helping form a traffic committee, volunteer with our Safety Patrol, and coordinate a before and after-school support program? We have about 35 third, fourth and fifth graders who could use some
adult support and mentoring. If you have some time, love interacting with students, and have a desire to help with our Safety Patrol and Traffic Safety Committee, please let me know.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding on this.
— Donald T.Bertolo