Sequoia Auction: It’s Not Too Late To Donate

Sequoia Auction: It’s Not Too Late To Donate

Are you afraid you missed the deadline? Don’t fret, we can still take your donations. In fact, we need your help now more than ever.

OUSD budget cuts are coming. Our goal is to raise $35,000 through the auction. The only way for this event to raise enough money is to have plenty of items and experiences available for the auction.

This means we need more donations, at all price points, for all kinds of things. So far we have 90 items to bid on; last year we had over 200.

How can you help us get more donations? Here are a few ideas:
Reach out to your favorite local businesses and restaurants.
Talk to your friendly neighbor who has a small business or works in an interesting field.
Identify a special skill or talent you want to teach to others, such as a baking lesson, how to make jam, building a birdhouse, etc.
Share a favorite special experience with others, such as a hike in Roberts Park, a trip to the Oakland Zoo or dinner with Sequoia families.

Visit this link to donate an item: (if using a mobile device, scroll down to select “Standard Version”).

Early bidding opens on Friday, Feb. 1. Questions? Email the auction team at:

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