Sequoia Variety Show- with much appreciation!

Sequoia Variety Show- with much appreciation!

Another Variety Show is in the books and what a wonderful night of performances it was! It is such a sincere pleasure to work with your children; what a talented, dedicated, courageous, and passionate bunch of youngsters! We are always impressed with the creativity, initiative, and hard work the performers have. We certainly would not have a show without them or their parents who make sure they practice, make it to rehearsals, and support them every step of the way. It truly is a community coming together and all the hard work pays off when we see the final product! We would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the people who helped make the Variety Show possible…!!!

Dave Ball, Josh Phillips, and Keith Ogden: Our talented audio guys, ensuring your kids sound fabulous. Doug Berger, Jason Gumataotao, Leo Deterer, and Aras Scolini-Bikakis: Working Grip, lights, and curtain behind the stage…ensuring sets and props are perfect. Suzy Bikakis and Joe “the Squirrel” Hayes: Emcees with the best jokes around. Jess O’Brien and Carlos La Roche: Filming the show and capturing all the memories. Victoria Scolini and Kathleen Rojas: welcoming our audience warmly selling entrance and raffle tickets. Luke Milich: Manning the spotlight and doing it like a pro. Damion Mosier-Tidd: As the “Voice of God” and amazing program design. Cesar Mercado, Kyra Lillien, Mora Tulian, Nicole George O’Brien and Jenny Kimball: for stepping in at the last moment, prepping and running the Intermission cafeteria food sales. Elicia Battaglia: From She Wolf Studio for providing makeup to the kiddos for the 3rd year in a row. Carmen Cerrato: Our amazing custodian who is always there with a smile to assist us with clean-up. Mr Bertolo: For being our tin man and a good sport. Angelina Bazan: for kindly giving us access to campus, providing help and kindly directing us to additional requests. Mr. Bob: for once again bringing in the graceful spirit and tunes along with our drummers. Mrs Roth and Accompanist: delivering the Sequoia Choir enthusiasm. All those who participated in the ridiculous Dad’s Club Secret Finale
And anyone else we missed…please know we appreciate you!!!!

THE PARENTS!!! Thank you for getting your children to all required Variety Show rehearsals, workshops, and events. The Variety Show is a huge commitment and we appreciate all the dedication you show and model for your children. They wouldn’t be there without you! And be sure to thank your children also. They are the bravest, most courageous of all. We do this for them! Bravo!!

Until next year….

Your Variety Show Co-Producers,

Heidi Aboites and Anna Keeffe