Sequoia’s annual MLK Oratorical Assembly is approaching in January 2018

Sequoia’s annual MLK Oratorical Assembly is approaching in January 2018

Students are invited to recite a poem/essay/speech relating to civil rights, freedom, justice and equality in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as other leaders of peace and justice. Some classes will be preparing their own group presentations, while other students can choose to perform as an individual or as a small choral group (2 or more students). Top performances go on to Oakland Unified’s district competition.
Every year we get approximately 80+ of your children to participate. The commitment requires some work and discipline from these brave students. But when your child decides he/she will stand up in front of the school and recite, they grow in all sorts of ways. They develop public speaking skills, fine-tune their comprehension skills as they interpret written work, cultivate work ethic through repeated memorizing and rehearsing, deepen their understanding of equality and social justice, last but not least, gain self confidence. Moreover, those students choosing to perform as a group learn how to work collaboratively.

As parents and caregivers, we can play an important role by encouraging participation, and then supporting them as they memorize and rehearse their delivery.

Each classroom should have a binder of oratorical material available for students to choose from. Feel free to seek out pieces at the library, online, or in your own personal collections. A child’s own written poem/essay would be a wonderful addition to the Oratorical. DO NOT feel as if you need to wait for your child’s teacher to orchestrate or begin this process, and if you have any questions about material, feel free to email me below. Getting started today and before Winter Break can make the entire process easier for your child, as this is definitely something that will need to be worked on outside of class!

Beginning the week of December 18th (yes the last week before break), we will begin encouraging the students to commit to a piece so that they can use part of the 2 week Winter Break to begin rehearsing. The dates of the assemblies are currently TBD.

If you are a parent/caregiver looking for a wonderful volunteer opportunity, please consider being part of the MLK Oratorical Coaching Team. Your role would be to help build our students’ confidence, and coach them on delivery, articulation, pronunciation, gesturing and stage presence. No skills necessary, just a love of helping kids reach their highest potential! Contact Damond if you would like to help.

***Remember, help your child pick out a poem/essay/speech to be memorized by the assembly, the one-on-one coaching sessions begin just before we return from Winter Break! Then, watch them shine at our MLK Oratorical Assembly in January 2018!***

Feel free to contact: