Support Sequoia

Support Sequoia

Thank you for supporting our school’s biggest and easiest fundraiser! The Support Sequoia campaign started with a bang last week, as 46% percent of students returned their forms. So far you have raised over $42,000, putting us well on the way toward our target goal of raising $80,000 by Sept. 27.

Your donations help pay for enrichment such as the weekly art, music, science, garden and library programs that began last week. These programs benefit everyone by providing vibrant learning opportunities for kids and much-needed planning time for teachers. The programs that rely on fundraising cost around $400 per student per year, so Sequoia is counting on your support.

Our goal is 100% participation. Return your form with or without a donation to get this year’s new Sequoia wristband. Classes with 100% return receive a free recess. 100% school participation means Mr. Bertolo will do something crazy/dangerous/fun!

Donate online at via PayPal. Make a one-time donation or spread your donation over 12 automatic monthly payments. Please consider increasing your donation to support enrichment for another child in the Sequoia community. For questions, contact Arianne Wagner

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