Support Sequoia by Shopping on Amazon

Support Sequoia by Shopping on Amazon

Just a quick reminder that if you are doing any shopping on Amazon, a portion of the sale comes back to our school.

The Amazon Smile link on the school website ( directs 6-8% of your money to Sequoia at no extra cost to you. Spread the word!

The link on our website has a Sequoia referral code in it, and it goes to Amazon Smile — a charity version of the regular Amazon site. If you choose Sequoia Dads’ Club as your Smile charity, we get an extra half percent in addition to the money that we get because you used our link, but you can use this link even if you support a different charity with Amazon Smile.

You can also use Amazon Smile without using the link our our website, but using the link brings us a LOT more money than just choosing us as your Amazon Smile charity!

Please bookmark the Shop for Sequoia link above, and tell your family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors to begin all their Amazon shopping at our school’s website. To confirm that your bookmark includes the referral code that brings us the big bucks, look for “jayash” in the web address, as seen in this link: