Support Sequoia: The “Duct Tape Mr. Bertolo to a Wall” Challenge

Support Sequoia: The “Duct Tape Mr. Bertolo to a Wall” Challenge

Over the last four weeks, more than 400 students have turned in their Support Sequoia forms and helped us reach our goal of $80,000 for programs at Sequoia. Wow! Congratulations on a job well done!

Most classes have already earned an extra recess by reaching the 100% participation. However, we are only at 93% overall participation. Since we are so close to our participation goal, we will count forms turned in this week toward Mr. Bertolo’s crazy challenge. That’s right, if we can collect the last few outstanding forms, Principal Bertolo has said the students can duct tape him to a wall. Let’s make this happen!

Every returned form and every donation was instrumental in the success of this fundraiser.  Thank you to everyone who participated, and please tell your amazing kids that, when they go to art, library, science, music and garden classes this year, they can take pride in knowing that they helped make these programs possible.

It is not too late to give. You can donate online via PayPal here: You can also drop off donations with your teacher or in the school office.

Thanks again to everyone so far who has participated and donated so generously.

Arianne Wagner and Principal Bertolo

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