Thank You from the Readathon Committee

Thank You from the Readathon Committee

This year’s Readathon was a resounding success and raised more money than ever! Of course, we owe that success to our amazing kids, parents, teachers, and community, and so…

The Readathon Committee would like to thank our beloved Sequoia teachers, as well as Mr. Bertolo and Angelina Bazan, for their help and flexibility on DEAR Day and throughout the Readathon. DEAR Day would be nothing without our readers: Annie Campbell Washington, Arisa White, Luan Stauss, Melissa Reyes, Samantha Giles, Robert Trujillo, Laurin Mayeno, Thien Pham, Miriam Medow, Lyn Hejinian, Victoria Shoemaker, Kate Schatz, and Judith Rawner.

Thanks also goes to Stan Dodson & La Farine, as well as Peets Coffee for donations for DEAR Day. We are forever indebted to Nancy Ogden & Susannah Prinz for organizing Family Reading Night! Our gratitude also goes out to to Soana Lauti, Eta Otutaha and the kids at Soana’s after-school program who collated all of the Readathon packets for the entire school!

A multitude of thanks goes to the parent (& grandparent) volunteers/food donors for DEAR Day and the Readers’ Tea: RK, Suzanne Samuel, Dave Lewak, Mora Tulian, Janis Loughlin, Nicole George-O’Brien, Brandy and Amelia Spong, Hope Rausis, Seth Linstrum, Michela Marini, Laurie Beardsley, Emily Songster, Jessica Swesey, Nicole Dare, Stacy Chun, Arianne Wagner, Lizette Gomez, Leslie Olsson, Tina Mosier-Tidd, Marie Jones, Jeanette (Ayana’s grandmother), Marcy Spaulding, Aparna Shah, Jenne & Joel Newton, and Lenore Reiser. And lastly, many thanks to Adrian Goldstein for the use of her magical buttonmaker! If we have missed your name, please forgive us and know that you have a very special place in our hearts.

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