Classroom Observation Guidelines

We’re delighted to have you visit our school to observe our dynamic teachers and excellent programs! Please help us maintain our outstanding learning environment by following these guidelines:

 Before Your Observation

  • Classroom observations require at least 24-hour notice.
  • Make an appointment by calling our school secretary, Angelina Bazan, at (510) 879-1510.
  • The day of the observation, please sign in at the office, retrieve a name tag, and wear the name tag until the end of the visit.
  • After you sign in, wait for the secretary to inform the teacher that you are coming before you go to the classroom.

During Your Observation

  • When you reach the classroom, find a comfortable place to observe.
  • You may walk around the classroom, but please do not touch anything.
  • Please do not interact with children or with the teacher unless the teacher initiates the interaction.

If you wish to speak to the teacher, leave a message with our school secretary, Angelina Bazan, with your name, phone number or email address.

If you wish to speak with Principal Donald Bertolo, leave a message with Angelina Bazan or send an email to

Enjoy your visit!

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