Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Academic instruction provides the core of your child’s experience at Sequoia. But we also offer a breadth of enrichment programs that supplement students’ experience. These enrichment programs make Sequoia Elementary a truly special place for children to learn and thrive.

In spite of budget cuts affecting public school funding, Sequoia is able to offer a number of academic, artistic and social enrichment programs through generous parent volunteering and fundraising events sponsored by our parent groups. Our community is grateful for all the dedication and support that goes into making enrichment programs possible.

Learn about the programs available for Sequoia students.


Thanks to grants raised by our staff and parents and the tireless work of our artists in residence, art thrives at Sequoia.

Computer Skills

Kids learn computer skills and use online learning tools throughout their time at Sequoia. Get links to many online learning resources for your students.


Sequoia students enjoy direct hands-on learning of biology and ecology in our outdoor garden classroom.


Our school library provides a place where students can explore the world of books, with a lending library that lets them take books home or back to their classrooms each week.


Sequoia is a musical place, with musical instruction beginning in kindergarten and musical events bringing our community together.

Physical Education

Our physical education programs help our kids get in shape and build skills and confidence through creative games and exercises.


Sequoia employs two dedicated science specialists, who work with K-5 students to lead in-depth science programs.

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