Computer Skills and Online Classes

Computer Skills and Online Classes

Here at Sequoia Elementary, we offer a variety of opportunities for students to learn computer skills and use online learning programs.  From Kindergarten to 2nd grade, students begin using fun online learning programs and gradually build their computer skills. In the 3rd through 5th grades, students use computers in more and more parts of their academic work as they move along their path towards middle school.

Computer Skills

The computer skills that we hope our students will have by the time they leave Sequoia, include:

  • Knowledge of and confident usage of keyboards and track pads on Chromebooks and/or Macbooks
  • Beginning typing skills
  • Navigating around the desktop features and online browsers
  • Basic guidelines for being responsible internet users
  • Using Google Docs to create, edit and submit essays or projects
  • Collaborating with peers on computer-based learning projects and presentations
  • Using online learning programs, such as ST Math
  • Test-taking skills for computerized tests, such as the SBAC

Visit Our Page of Online Computer Skills Resources


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