Sequoia uses the Full Option Science System (FOSS) program to meet the state and district science standards. Thanks to the generosity of our Friends of Sequoia School parent council (coincidentally also known as FOSS), Sequoia employs two dedicated science specialists, who work with K-5 students to lead in-depth science programs. Students visit the science room once a week to engage in science learning.

The Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California, Berkeley developed the FOSS science program. The program uses hands-on, collaborative learning experiences to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century, teaching science in active and creative ways that encourage students to think analytically and logically.

Some of the projects and activities students engage in include:

  • 5th grade: chemical reactions, the solar system, and living cells including photosynthesis and plant respiration
  • 4th grade: magnetism and electricity, rocks and minerals, and ecosystems and food webs
  • 3rd grade: energy and light, the sun and stars, and living organisms such as snails

Sequoia students also get to exercise their scientific thinking during the annual Science Fair, held each spring. Science projects teach students K-5 to apply the scientific method to experiments and explorations and present their findings to fair judges and the rest of the Sequoia committee.

In addition, 5th grade Sequoia students attend a week-long science camp each year at Walker Creek Ranch. The 4th graders attend a three-day science camp at Camp Arroyo every year.

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