Special Services & Support

Special Services & Support

Many children will experience different challenges during school. Sequoia is committed to working with families to serve the individual needs of all our students. If you have any concerns about your child, please talk with your child’s teacher or with the principal.  We are here to build a partnership with you to ensure progress and success.

Sequoia features a number of programs and staff to support the various needs of our students.

Student Success Team (SST)

Often the first step towards addressing challenges is a Student Success Team meeting. This team is comprised of the child’s parent/guardian, the classroom teacher, the principal, the school psychologist, the school resource teacher, and other support staff.  These individuals will discuss a child’s unique strengths and challenges. This team will work together to create an action plan, which will be monitored and reviewed for its effectiveness.

Special Education Evaluation

An educational evaluation may be appropriate for some children. Students identified with specific learning disabilities are offered individualized educational services through state special education funding. Students eligible for special education services will receive them based on their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Students who qualify for support services will have an IEP structured for them based on their learning needs. Students can receive direct or indirect instruction in the academic areas, per their IEP objectives. Our specialists and the classroom teacher will implement the IEP according to the IEP objectives.

Resource Specialist

This staff member provides instruction for students with identified learning disabilities. To receive services of the resource specialist (RSP), students must complete a special education evaluation and qualify according to federal and state guidelines. The resource specialist and the RSP aide work with individuals and small groups as outlined in the student’s IEP. The RSP also monitors identified students in their classrooms and work collaboratively with their teachers.

Special Day Class (SDC)

Sequoia hosts a Special Day Class that is a partnership with the East Bay Agency for Children. Up to 12 students in 3rd to 5th grades who have been identified as having emotional needs are provided with a therapeutic environment in which to learn. The focus of the curriculum for these students is the acquisition of self-management skills, as well as academic skills. Whenever possible, they are integrated with regular education students.

504 Student Consultation Team

Federal legislation supports accommodation and modifications for students who have conditions that require additional support, but do not qualify for Special Education Services. These students will be referred for a 504 meeting. The referral process is similar to SST (described above).

School Social Worker and Counselor

In keeping with our commitment to the healthy development of all students, our full-time social worker offers support to students and their families with one-on-one, group, and family counseling. Services are free and confidential.

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