Variety Show

The Variety Show is a fun, community-building event and a 28-year tradition at Sequoia. Sequoia students show off their performing talents. After weeks of preparation and practice, a few dozen students will take the stage in a variety of group and solo acts. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed singing, various dance styles, magic, comedy, gymnastics, martial arts, instrumental music, hula hooping, and much more.

All Sequoia families and friends are invited! We sell food and refreshments during a 15-minute intermission that ends with a raffle drawing for several great local prizes. The annual Dads’ Club finale rounds out the show with an often hilarious act that gets kids cheering. We sell a DVD of the entire show afterwards to keep the memories alive.

2020 (Spring) Event Information:

Event Date and Time: Saturday, March 21, 2020, 5 pm – 9:00 pm


Key Dates for Participants

Activity Required for
Date and time Location
Tryouts Mandatory Saturday, February 22, 10 am – 1 pm Auditorium
Workshops Mandatory (1 session) Wednesday, February 26, 2 pm – 6 pm Auditorium
Workshops Mandatory (1 session) Wednesday, March 4, 2 pm – 6 pm Auditorium
First Rehearsal Mandatory Saturday, March 14, 10 am – 3 pm Auditorium
Dress Rehearsal Mandatory Thursday, March 19, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Auditorium
The Show Mandatory Saturday, March 21, 5 pm – 9 pm Auditorium 

Interested in performing in the Variety Show?

Read information about act guidelines, time commitment and music files before getting ready for your tryout.

  • Your act MUST be at tryouts on February 22 in order to be in the Variety Show.
  • Acts that pre-register and submit music files before the tryout day will be given first priority for tryout times on February 22. Pre-registered acts will be given a time slot to appear for tryouts from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Students who are not pre-registered can try out on a first-come, first-served basis after pre-registered acts have tried out.
  • If your student is performing a solo act, you just need to submit one registration form, which will serve as the registration for the performer AND the act.
  • If your student is performing in a group act, each student must submit an INDIVIDUAL registration form. In addition, one parent must submit a registration form for the GROUP ACT. Every student must be registered in order to perform in the Variety Show.
  • You can upload your MP3 or audio file before the tryouts. See guidelines for music. Please try to submit the karaoke version (or an instrumental version without lyrics). If you can’t find it, we may purchase an instrumental version for you instead.


  • Workshops are a chance for acts to work one-on-one with coaches. This helps the kids better choreograph their performance and gives them tips for projecting their voices, stage presence, using props, etc. It also gives the Variety Show team a sense of how prepared the performers are, how much work they need, ideas for sets and props, and a feel for the kind of microphone and setup each act will need.
  • We are making workshops mandatory for each act this year. We will work to be flexible to help make this happen. We have pre-scheduled workshop sessions on Wednesday, February 26 and Wednesday, March 4. There will be signup sheets to schedule 30-minute slots. Other days and times may be available if you need them; contact to schedule a time.
  • Performers should come to the workshop with any props they plan to use, and with specific things they’d like to work on.

First Rehearsal

  • The first rehearsal can be a long day! To make this less painful this year, we are going to assign time windows to each act. Please make sure that your performer is in the auditorium and ready to rehearse during the assigned time window. If acts aren’t ready during their time slot, they may be moved later in the queue so we can keep rehearsals on schedule.
  • So that we can give adequate time to each act, some time windows may be later in the day. Please adjust your schedules accordingly. We understand that Saturdays are difficult for many families, but are trying to accommodate 30-40 acts and probably 70-80 children, so your patience and flexibility are much appreciated.
  • We are planning to use the first rehearsal to do “blocking” and plan sound and microphones this year. It’s important that acts have practiced, attended a workshop and come prepared to work during their time window.

Dress Rehearsal

  • Dress rehearsal is on a Thursday night, starting at 6:30. It usually runs about three hours.
  • All performers are expected to be at the dress rehearsal. Once your act has rehearsed, you may take your children home so they may rest.
  • Please talk to your children ahead of time about being RESPECTFUL of other performers while they wait their turn to rehearse. This includes talking during performances, running around the auditorium, coming in and out the side door, etc. If students are disruptive to other acts, they may be asked to leave. If kids need something to do while waiting, please have them bring a quiet activity or have them play on the playground.
  • Dress rehearsal is the last chance acts get to practice before performance. Acts should be ready to go, as if this were the final performance. Please have performers appear in costume with their props; dances should be choreographed and lines should be memorized. We don’t have time to workshop acts during dress rehearsal!
  • If your child is in Healthy Start after school, you MUST check them out of Healthy Start before they come to dress rehearsal. We are unable to check out your children from Healthy Start ourselves. Please also make arrangements for your children to have dinner before coming to dress rehearsal.

Performance Night

  • This year’s show is on SATURDAY, March 21 at 5:00 p.m. Previous shows have been on Friday, but this year we are holding it on the weekend to make it easier for the kids to perform and stay for the whole show.
  • You will receive a call time for your performer. PLEASE make sure your child arrives and checks in with us, so that we know the performer is in the auditorium and we know where to find them when queuing up for their act.
  • Food will be sold during intermission in the cafeteria. Additionally, we will hold a raffle during intermission, so be sure to buy your raffle tickets!

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