Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Our parents and families are a huge part of what makes the Sequoia community so special. Through the tireless work and dedication of our families, Sequoia is able to support our faculty and staff with funding, volunteer hours and donations to help make Sequoia a rich learning environment.

Staying Connected to Our School and Community

Sequoia parents, teachers and staff use the private, secure Moment web platform and app to keep in touch about school, enrichment programs and volunteer activities.

For current Sequoia families only: make sure you’re signed up on Moment.
Sign up here:

Each Monday, a group of parent volunteers—with the help of Sequoia staff and teachers—publishes a digital newsletter with announcements about upcoming events and happenings at Sequoia. The most current newsletter PDF is posted at with a link sent to all current Sequoia families via Moment.

This website,, has a wealth of general information about the school, resources for parents, volunteer opportunities, detailed event information and ways to donate.

If you’re a Facebook member, be sure to join the official Sequoia Elementary Facebook group, and for parent conversations, join the Sequoia Parents Social Facebook group.

For more information about these resources, including how to submit items to the newsletter and Moment, see Newsletters and Communities. For questions about communications at Sequoia, email

To learn more about what’s going on in our school and community and find out how you can be involved, be sure to attend our monthly meetings of the Sequoia Parent Teacher Organization and the Sequoia Dads’ Club. You can also check out our Volunteer section to learn more about opportunities. And be sure to talk to your child’s classroom Room Parents to find out what’s needed in the classroom!

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