Off-Site Childcare Programs

Sequoia families have a variety of after-school programs available to them, including center-based programs and in-home childcare. Most programs offer walking or van pickup of participating students from Sequoia at the end of the school day, and most offer homework help, snacks, enrichment programs and activities. These programs are not affiliated with Sequoia Elementary in any way.

Center-Based Childcare

After School Arts Academy at Studio One
Eligibility: K – 5th grade
Location: 65 45th Street, Oakland (Temescal)
Pickup: Please note that Studio One is no longer offering van transportation to its after school program effective January 2018.
Activities: Ceramics, painting and drawing, theater, comedy improv, dance, eco-art, paper crafts, sculpture, printmaking, textile arts, martial arts, swimming, tennis, basketball, and homework help provided
Contact information: 510.597.5027,

Dimond Recreation Center
Eligibility: K – 5th grade
Location:  3860 Hanly Road, Oakland (Dimond)
Pickup: Walking pickup from Sequoia
Activities: Sports, eco-art, nail art, modern dance, beginning American Sign Language, beginning Spanish
Contact information: 510.482.7831

Head-Royce Afterschool Program
Eligibility:  K – 5th grade
Location: 4315 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland (Dimond/Oakmore)
Pickup: Walking pickup from Sequoia
Activities: After-school enrichment classes for an additional fee, homework help
Contact information: Mikki Frazier, 510.531.1300 x2301,

JCC East Bay
Eligibility:  K – 5th grade; openings available year-round
Location: 5811 Racine Street, Oakland (North Oakland)
Pickup: Van pickup from Sequoia
Activities: Various courses offered: arts, piano lessons, theater, sports, swimming lessons (seasonal), cooking and many more.
Contact information: Rha Bowden, 510.595.9222,

Lakeshore Children’s Center
Eligibility:  K – 5th grade
Location: 3534 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland
Pickup: Van pickup from Sequoia
Activities: Snack, homework help, free time, and craft/cooking projects. Day camp is offered for an additional fee when OUSD schools are closed for teacher workdays and breaks.
Contact information: Rae Rita Thompson, 510.893.4048, 

In-Home Childcare

Soana Lauti (before-school care starting at 7 a.m., breakfast served; after-school care until 6 p.m.)
Eligibility: K – 5th grade
Location: Hearst Street (across from school)
Pickup/Dropoff: Walking pickup from and dropoff at Sequoia
Activities: Inside and outside play time, arts and crafts, participation in the Sequoia Variety Show.
Contact information: 510.967.3558,

Eligibility: Before-school care for TK – 5th grade, breakfast served; after-care not available
Location: Hearst Street (across from school)
Dropoff: Walking dropoff at Sequoia
Activities: Preschool program for ages 3 months to 7 years
Contact information: Carmen Sims, 510.530.4745, 

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