Getting to and from School

Sequoia families need to all play a role in helping our children get to and from school safely, while helping us maintain order in the neighborhood surrounding the school. Therefore, we encourage families to walk to school whenever possible, or to park at least two blocks away and walk to minimize traffic and noise in the mornings and afternoons. There are a number of options for getting to and from school safely. 

Transportation Options


Our Safe Routes to School program fosters the formation of “walking school buses,” organized by families who live in the same neighborhood and walk to school together along the same route each day. There are currently no active walking school bus routes, but any family or group can start a new one for their neighborhood!


Families are encouraged to form carpools on their own or by registering at Schoolpool.511 is a free online tool to help families share the responsibility of getting children to school. Schoolpool matches parents who make similar school trips. Parents are matched with other interested parents whose children attend the same school. Personal information always remains confidential.



Please explore alternatives to daily door-to-door drop-offs by car … walk, scoot, ride bikes, or hook up with a walking school bus. If you live too far away, try setting up a carpool with other parents, drive to meet a walking school bus, or park a few blocks away. For those who do not have time to park and must drop-off quickly, please follow the guidelines below so we can get our kids to school safely:

  • Use the map above to determine your best route to the drop-off zone on Hearst Ave.
  • Do not ever block driveways, double-park, or leave your car unattended in drop-off zone.
  • Do not make U-turns on any streets around the school.
  • Pull over completely at legal parking spots or drop-off zone, before letting children out.
  • Slow down and watch for pedestrians, especially at crosswalks.
  • Please note that there is no yard supervision until 8:00 am.
  • If your child is in TK/Kindergarten, you must stay with your child until the 8:45 a.m. bell.
  • Be courteous and helpful to neighbors and other parents.

Download and sign the Traffic Safety Agreement.

School Safety Patrol

Sequoia participates in the School Safety Patrol program, sponsored by AAA and the Oakland Police Department. Most weekday mornings, students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade direct traffic and open car doors to keep dropoff running smoothly and ensure drivers follow traffic rules. Please help our Safety Patrol by reviewing dropoff guidelines, driving slowly down Hearst Avenue, and dropping your students off in the orange cone zone. If you have questions, or if your student is interested in participating in Safety Patrol, contact coordinator Monique McGough at Learn more about Oakland School Safety Patrol at

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