School Policies

School Policies

Sequoia Elementary is committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment for all of our students and families. We encourage all parents and students to become familiar with our school policies and help us enforce these policies in our classrooms, on our school grounds and when our community comes together.

Our core values — responsible, respectful, honest, compassionate — guide all of us in the way we behave at school and treat others. We encourage positive behavior, value differences and promote sensitivity to others. This includes other students, teachers and staff at school, but also parents, school neighbors and community members. Our school policies help to guide us in this endeavor.

School Rules and Expectations

Get familiar with Sequoia’s school rules and expectations for appropriate behavior.

Discipline and Conflict Resolution

Learn how we teach children to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Anti-Bullying Policy

We ask all students and teachers to sign our anti-bullying pledge every year.


Get to know our policies around absences and tardies.

Health Concerns

Get to know our guidelines on when children should stay home from school, and common communicable illnesses.

School Grounds

Get to know our rules for what’s permitted on school grounds and in the play yard.

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