School Grounds

General Rules

  • Please remember no wheels (bikes, scooters or skateboards) on the yard! They must be parked when you arrive at school.
  • Enjoy yourself, play safely, respect one another, learn and follow game rules.
  • Students are asked to use “I” messages (messages that convey how a situation makes the students feel, instead of assigning blame) and conflict resolution to try and resolve problems.
  • If a child is hurt on the playground or if there is a problem that students are unable to resolve, it should be reported to the yard duty supervisor immediately. Students are not to run into the school when they have a problem unless it’s an emergency and the yard duty teacher needs assistance.
  • Ropes are for jumping rope only.
  • Shoving, pushing and dragging are not allowed on the yard.
  • Students are to walk to recess and to class.
  • Play only in designated areas.  No playing between or behind the buildings or portables.
  • Eat only in designated areas. No food on the playground.


  • Please treat the bathrooms with respect!
  • No loitering or playing.
  • Keep restrooms clean.  Place used paper towels in the trashcan, never in the toilet!
  • Some teachers require a pass to use the restroom during class time.
  • Please report problems in the restroom to the office (i.e. when paper towels, soap or toilet paper is out.)

Basketball and Play Areas

  • During recess all students who wish to play are to be included, unless the game needs to be paired off/up.
  • Equipment/basketballs can be checked out by students, and is expected to be returned by same students.
  • Students may bring own equipment into yard if:
    • the student has parent permission to bring to school;
    • the teacher has given permission to bring onto yard;
    • the teacher/student notifies coach or yard duty supervisor that equipment has been authorized/permitted;
    • and initials or last name are written on the equipment.

Play Structure

  • Walk in the play structure area.
  • Chasing, tag, ball games and running games are not allowed on the mats or near the structure.
  • No jumping off the structure.
  • One person at a time uses the slide. Slides are only used in one direction (down). Wait until the count of five before going down.
  • Do not crawl, climb or hang upside down from the top of the monkey bars.
  • When the bell rings students on the yard are expected to stop all activity and movement until they are released by the yard duty teacher’s whistle.

Parent playground supervision: Parent volunteers often assist yard duty supervisors during lunch recess. Their tasks are to encourage children to clean up after themselves, to ensure their safety, to play with them, and to refer poor conduct to the yard duty supervisors. For information about volunteering to help with yard duty supervision, please leave a message at the school office.

Rainy Days

  • Students may enter the building and wait quietly by their classroom door.
  • Students will be allowed into the classroom at 8:20 a.m. on rainy days.
  • Students will have recess in the classrooms, and lunch recess in our new multipurpose room.


Clubs are not to be organized unless approved by the principal. Students are not to sell items at school unless approved by the principal.

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