Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner

Sequoia Parent-Partners, let me get right to the point.


Verbally assaulting anyone is not allowed, for any reason. Driving dangerously to swerve around a parked school bus is not allowed, for any reason. Parking on Hearst by the school (between Lincoln Ave. and the lower gate) is illegal during the road construction project during school hours. “Parking” means stopping your car along the curb for anytime longer than a minute to let your kid(s) climb out.


Last week one of the bus drivers and a grandparent volunteer were verbally assaulted by an angry parent who was illegally parked on Hearst and not giving the bus driver enough room to park the bus.


Be warned: Oakland Police Parking Services will be summoned to ticket illegally parked cars. Yelling at anyone who is just doing their part to protect our children and/or ignoring the rules because they are not convenient will no longer be tolerated. This behavior is not only breaking the law; it also is setting a very poor example for our students.


We have 13 days left until the end of the school year. Let’s try and end it on a positive note

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