Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner

With our library clerk position cut, we need some volunteers to work on the library. RK and Tracey Kelp could really use some support, as they take on volunteering in that space. They will be coming in Saturday morning to get an overall picture of what we need. If you are interested in helping please email Tracey Kelp (

The following jobs need to be done weekly:

  • Check-in library materials to the library from students and staff, and shelve library books.
  • Maintain and organize library materials.
  • Help maintain and repair materials.
  • Possibly help with maintaining records of overdue materials and help teachers send out notices.
  • Keep the library’s overall appearance organized and clean.

The classroom teachers will organize 30-minute checkout times for their own classes. During those blocks, they have some volunteers to help support this process. Teachers will send out a call for volunteers individually through their newsletters, once their time slots are chosen. Thank you so much for your understanding and support in this time of need.

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