Each year, parents organize events and vital fundraising that provide our students academic, artistic, and social enrichment. All of these programs depend on family involvement for their success.

Can you believe that little seeds of ideas have now become some of our most exciting annual traditions because of the initiative, participation, and support of Sequoia families? Each event on the annual calendar started out as some parent’s idea for a great way to involve kids and families. In a time of budget cuts, family involvement is even more necessary. We hope you can commit to helping make Sequoia a better place!

3 Hours a Month: Make a Commitment to Sequoia!

For each school year, all Sequoia families are asked to consider volunteering at least three hours a month to support the programs that make school wonderful for our children.

Your child will directly benefit from your involvement. When schools and families work together:

  • Students do better in school and in life.
  • Parents and guardians become empowered.
  • Teachers’ morale is boosted.
  • Schools exceed expectations.
  • Communities grow stronger.

Please consider where, or how, you might join our committed community of family volunteers. See our current volunteer opportunities, or feel free to contact any of the parents listed in our Volunteer and Events sections to see how you might lend a hand. Your time, skills and interests are valuable assets to our children’s love of school and learning.

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