Ways to Volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities available. Whatever time you have available, there is a way to help out. There are jobs for all kinds of schedules and skills, and there are tasks that can be done during the school day, on the weekends, and from home. Here are just some ideas for how you can get involved.


See a list of current volunteer opportunities!

During the School Day

  • Motor skills
  • Lunchroom monitoring
  • Playground monitoring
  • Volunteer in library
  • Bulletin board
  • Maintain cabinets in kitchen

Classroom Help

  • Organize and chaperone field trips
  • Teach chess
  • Art assistant
  • Read with small groups
  • Help students write/act out short stories/plays
  • Handle book orders
  • Correct papers
  • File student work
  • Organize cabinets/classroom
  • Paint cabinets/classroom
  • Deep-clean cabinets/classroom
  • Vacuum rugs
  • Put up bulletin boards
  • Coordinate healthy snacks
  • Class photographer
  • Read/respond to essays
  • Recess/P.E. games
  • Play music
  • Class yearbook

On Weekends

Work days:

  • Organize work day
  • Bring coffee and bagels
  • Bring tools
  • Participate

In the Evenings on Weeknights

Planning meetings (one night per month):

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Make coffee/tea for meetings
  • Take notes
  • Arrange childcare
  • Attend meetings and vote

At Home

  • Computer tasks
  • Design flyers
  • Type up meeting notes
  • Read/respond to online essays
  • Event planning (email or phone)
  • Financial tasks
  • Write grants
  • Mail letters

Around Town

  • Solicit auction donations
  • Appeal to businesses for financial donations


  • Donate to bake sale
  • Solicit auction donations
  • Art supplies, tissues, etc. to classrooms
  • Participate in fundraisers
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